• Add: 1/F, Building 4, University
  •         Technological Park, Economic
  •         Development Park,Bengbu,
  •         China
  • Zip code: 233000
  • Contact: Mr. Liu
  • Tel: 0552-3716821
  •       13855288668
  • Email: [email protected]
  • URL: 7m足球比分即时比分app
About us

7m足球比分即时比分appis a technology-based enterprise, which is solely affiliated to Shanghai Qirun Environmental Protection and Technology Co., Ltd. The registered capital is ¥ 15 million, and the registration place is 1/F, Building 4, University Science Park, Economic Development Zone, Bengbu City, Anhui, China.

Business scope: R&D, production and distribution of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products and devices; consultation, design and construction of energy-efficient and environmental engineering; operation and management of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly devices, and etc.

Corporate vision
Enterprise positioning

Taking technology as guidance, the company specializes in researching and developing new technologies for the field of energy conservation and environment protection. We strive to improve scientific and technological innovation capacity and increase core competitiveness of the enterprise through cultivating core technologies with independent knowledge property right. The company is dedicated to establishing a “technology+service” type enterprise. Moreover, the company actively promotes industrialization and marketalization process of technological achievements, in order to develop the enterprise into a distinctive and influential enterprise in environment protection enterprise of China.

Industry positioning

The company takes national industry policy as guidance, market as orientation, and energy conservation and environment protection as leading. It mainly engages in system integration of environmental protection technologies and equipment, in producing new type environmentally friendly reagents, in designing and building environmental engineering, in offering services, and in researching and developing energy-saving technologies.

Development plan

The industry of energy conservation and environment protection is one of the strategic emerging industries supported by the country. The guiding ideology, basic principle, overall objective, key field, key project, and policy measures proposed in “the 12th Five-year Plan” development planning for energy conservation and environmental protection industry and supporting policies function as important basis and policy guarantee for the development of environmental protection industry. The energy-saving and environment-friendly industry of our country is undergoing a new period for development.


The company strives to research, develop, reserve and expand strategic development project,  in order to realize the industrialization of technical project in 2-3 years, by fully integrating and taking advantage of various resources and advantages and by strengthening innovation. In the rapid development period, the company will invest ¥ 200 million in enlarging production scale. We will positively introduce strategic investors for shareholding reform and promote major assets restructuring or IPO for contributing to the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly industry, for creating more economic benefits for the enterprise, and for bringing more economic income for employees.

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